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We provide a consultancy service open to all including individuals, private clients, builders and architects. Our consultancy service aims to save time and money over the whole course of a project through correct advice right at the planning stages, and most importantly, for the project to come together and look fantastic.

On a number of projects in the past, Stonecraft has been called midway through a project to supply or fit stonework only to discover that current plans have simply not taken into account issues involved with stone. This has often led to higher expenses and time delays for the client/builder/architects involved to make the plans more 'stone friendly'.

We can offer half or full day services to advise on all aspects including;

  • What stone options are available, and most suited to any one project
  • Design ideas, aimed to improve functionality, appearance, longevity and costs
  • What can and can't be done with stone
  • The most economical choices
  • Time scales & costings